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ABOUT the Band

Are you ready to energize your EVENTS? Want a GREAT BAND for your City Festival or Wedding?  Maybe you’re looking for upbeat live music for your Private Party or Corporate Event?  This band delivers all of the above!  

The bands high energy, flexible style has proven to entertain crowds of all ages. Experienced professionals with a contagious sense of humor. 
They WILL bring new customers to you and market events to success! 
This band knows how to market with Social Media and will generate a BUZZ and ENERGY about the band AND your event and venue. 

The band plays a WIDE Variety of Upbeat Dance, Rock, Pop, RnB, Country, Disco, Funk. From Bruno Mars to Johnny Cash, Evanescence to Pink, Justin T, MJ to Tom Petty and all your favorite 80s / 90s Singalongs. We always say, if we play something you don't Love, just wait for the next song.  
The band is in its 21st year with over 750 plus Shows! The band is all about having a good time. The band wants YOU to have a good time when you come out to a gig, they want venues and event organizers to have a good time that’s profitable with zero distractions, and they want to have a good time themselves. It shows on the stage and in the rooms they play…
It’s all about the fun! - WOO HOO - GET ‘EM UP in 2024!
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